Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Red Rollover Lit!

For over thirty years I secretly yearned to own one of these great pieces of electro-mechanical wizardry and now I'm priviliged to have four of them!

If you want to recapture a piece of your past then as a starter I can recommend these two great websites

The first, http://www.ballybingo.co.uk/index1.html will provide information about what's happening in the UK with links to other sites and a very informative forum.

The second, http://bingo.cdyn.com/ is a 'must' for anyone who has or is thinking of getting a Bally Bingo machine as it carries a HUGE amount of information relating to the upkeep and maintenance of these machines including schematics and manuals.

Two great machines together

I thought it would be nice to show the Key West and County Fair together in the games room. I think they look pretty nifty together and you can see for yourself the great restoration work done by my pals the Bingobeast and the Bingo Wizard.