Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Red Rollover Lit!

For over thirty years I secretly yearned to own one of these great pieces of electro-mechanical wizardry and now I'm priviliged to have four of them!

If you want to recapture a piece of your past then as a starter I can recommend these two great websites

The first, http://www.ballybingo.co.uk/index1.html will provide information about what's happening in the UK with links to other sites and a very informative forum.

The second, http://bingo.cdyn.com/ is a 'must' for anyone who has or is thinking of getting a Bally Bingo machine as it carries a HUGE amount of information relating to the upkeep and maintenance of these machines including schematics and manuals.

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Aldermoorkid said...

Hello John ..... just touching base with you, I've tried several times to get a message to you but keep getting 'blown out', anyway lets hope it works this time.

Great blog John, the only one to do with Bingo's that I know of, I'm sure I tried recently to subscribe to your blog but heaven knows what happened about it???

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures of the restoration work on your two fantastic machines, you must get a great kick out of playing on them after all these years with only memories of happy times (and money) spent on them as a young man. I am so grateful for your kind invitation to play your machines and so look forward to meeting you soon and 'travelling back in time' to remember my very happy and spendthrift days as a bingo addict. Please let me know if you read this John and I will put some possible dates to you that may be agreeable and not too inconvenient.

What great friends you have in Frans & Ed, they are such nice sincere guys and 'like us' true fans that appreciate the wonderful variety and fun that we get from the bingo machines. Once again, thankyou for the chance to play your great machines, all the best for now John ..... Tom Mooney